The War in Heaven parts 1-5, with details, mixed media on paper and vellum, all around 8x8 foot sq, 2005-2007

Battle Royale #1 and #2, ink on paper, 36x54 inches, 2006

Skirmishes parts 1-15, plus Skirmish book, ink of paper, 5x8 inches each, 2006

Fort Grunt installation, Greensboro, NC, 2007

Fluns & Flunagains, mixed media on paper, variable sizes, 2005-2007

Globus Drawings 1-4, Colored pencil on paper, 30x44 inches each, 2007

Globus sculpture and installation, wood, paper mache, wire and paint, 3x4x6 feet, 2006

The Incident at Hub's Knob, spray stencils on paper, 2007

The War in Heaven Part Five (in progress images), mixed media on paper, 8x8 feet, 2006

Is the rectum a grave, charcoal on paper, 20x20 inches each, 2007

Danger Scenarios, mixed media on layered vellum, 12x18 inches, 2007

Drawings and studio images, 2005-2007